Pre-workshop Assessments

Strength Deployment Inventory

sdi logoSelf-awareness plays a big part in our leadership presence. It refers to who we are as a leader and how we show up. Deliberate Shift helps participants increase their self -awareness as they grow as leaders and support others in their leadership development. We use the Strength Deployment Inventory™ as a tool to increase awareness of what is important to self and others and how this plays in conflict and surfacing conflicting perspectives.


leads logosAn enhancement to the program is an optional second self awareness piece that offers insight is how others perceive your leadership behaviours. We use the LEADS 360 multi rater feedback process to gather insights and feedback from responders that you identify who are interested in supporting your growth as a leader. This process is not about performance evaluation, it is about frequency of leadership behaviour demonstrated.

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Ellen Melis
06 June 2016
Leadership Training
Unlimited Potential has teamed up with Yellow Boots Leadership to introduce the Deliberate Shift Coaching Program. The article below is from an interview with Ottawa writer Kaarina Stiff. It's About Leadership Deliberate Shift has launched an innovative new leadership coaching program for people who want to think creatively about how they lead...

A Leadership Shift that Sticks  


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