Integrating Coaching Skills

Clemons and wateroaching is a mindset and a set of tools that allow leaders to lead differently. It is responsive and reflective versus reactive and automatic; it is flexible and adaptive versus inflexible and closed; it is AND thinking versus OR thinking. It is an open and curious mindset that encourages others to be solution oriented towards results so that new solutions are co-created.

Living in a workplace environment that supports a coaching culture is one where coaching occurs and where individuals practice coaching behaviours as a means of relating to, supporting and influencing each other.

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Ellen Melis
06 June 2016
Leadership Training
Unlimited Potential has teamed up with Yellow Boots Leadership to introduce the Deliberate Shift Coaching Program. The article below is from an interview with Ottawa writer Kaarina Stiff. It's About Leadership Deliberate Shift has launched an innovative new leadership coaching program for people who want to think creatively about how they lead...

A Leadership Shift that Sticks  


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