6-month Coaching Follow-Up

Anchoring it into practice

Iswirl smallt is one thing to attend a coaching working – it is another thing to put it into practice. The Deliberate Shift anchors practice with two types of coaching support:

  1. Three Individual coaching sessions
  2. Three Group Community of Practice Coaching Sessions

Confidential Individual Coaching Sessions

Research and experience tell us that to experience coaching makes us a stronger coach. You will meet by phone or skype with a certified executive coach for three 60-minute coaching sessions to be coached on a topic of your choice.

Group Community of Practice Coaching Sessions

Learning from others, sharing stories and listening to what worked and what was tricky is key to building your organizational coaching culture. These three one-hour group calls are themed around three topics and will build on participants’ needs and questions. The themes include:

  1. Coaching Teams
  2. Staying with Questions
  3. Integrating your own advice and experience into coaching
    1. It is in these sessions where we explore what everyone has tried, from tools, to techniques, to shifts in beliefs and attitudes – it is where we talk about what was a hit and what was a miss and the great learning that comes from sharing experiences.

Our aim is to foster a community of practice able to sustain itself.

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