Deliberate Conversations Program

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Conversations happen everyday. And sometimes the most meaningful conversations, the ones we really need to have, the ones where we say it like it is, clearly state our intentions and our outcomes, happen away from the table – in the parking lot, the lunch line or on the train home.

What if we really believed that every conversation mattered? What if, apart from knowing what we wanted from the conversation, we took some time up front to think about the role we play in the conversation. What if we looked at questions like this: How am I showing up to this conversation? What are my beliefs about this topic/person? What are my underlying assumptions? What is my attitude and how is that helping or hindering the flow of this conversation?

We often spend a great deal of focus getting clear on what we want to say, how we say it requires just as much deliberate attention. Together we will explore the 12 Keys of Deliberate Conversations to identify new behaviours and ways of thinking, explore the concept of listening for versus to another, pay close attention to how we ask questions and gain a greater appreciation for the value of acknowledgement in a conversation.

Our clients have shared with us some of the impacts they have seen in having deliberate conversations:  thoughtful, meaningful, and well prepared conversations. They also saw better teamwork,  more trust, stronger relationships and better decision-making. It is about having the rreal conversation with the right people at the right time.

The outcomes: Joy in learning what it takes to be prepared for the conversation, what it takes to keep your eye on the conversation when in it, and what it takes to resist the urge to move to the next conversation.  Time to reflect on what worked, what was tricky and what you would modify next round.

This is a great opportunity to a the learning loop, because what we know is there always an opportunity for another conversation.

The approach: This is a program delivered on face to face. It is a practical and interactive workshop where we use a coaching methodology and framework. This program can be taken before or after the Deliberate Shift Coaching Foundations program.

The investment: Please connect with us to discuss how this program aligns with your values, supports your leadership direction and organizational strategic plan.

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