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Be a Deliberate LEADer.

Be part of our Deliberate Shift Coaching program designed specifically to bring to the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework to life. The LEADS framework is deservedly one of the most simple leadership frameworks out there, not to mention that it is national framework well reasearched and evidence- based. The LEADS framework is nationally known as a powerful model that elicits system leadership behaviour from every leader at every level. It is a model for leadership capacity building, change management and systems transformation.

The LEADS framework is a powerful tool that supports system transformation from a human perspective. Change is going to happen. Big complex change where we don’t have all the answers. Not only do we need to harness the collective intelligence of every leader, we need to hold a mindset that every leader matters and every leader is capable of contributing great value to not only set big goals, but to achieve every one of them in a remarkable way.

If your organization has incorporated the LEADS framework in your leadership development system or if you are thinking about how this framework can become part of the leadership programs and practices you already have in place, there is a place for Deliberate Shift. Deliberate Shift Coaching Program is both a program and practice to support a successful and sustainable transition to shared leadership in your teams. A big part of the secret sauce is your organization’s leadership culture transformation.

A belief we hold strongly is that everyone is a leader and has the capability of leading from exactly where they are. And that leadership is an inside-out practice, beginning with who you are as a leader and how you model your values to inspire others to bring their very best of who they are and what they do everyday to the people they work with.

This is the essence of both the Lead Self and Engage Others leadership domains in the LEADS framework.
As strategic partners with the Canadian College of Health Leaders, we have designed this coaching program to support the awareness and development of these system leadership capabilities. It always begins with ‘I’ and this program moves through the elements of leading from within – from self awareness, to managing those insights and aha’s, to developing a growth plan, to being a deliberate leader. And once we move from ‘me to we’, we laser focus on how as leaders we support the growth and development of our team, how we communicate in a way that is understood by other perspectives, how we directly contribute to the health of our team and organization, how we collaborate with others and how we work in a complex environment that is constantly adapting and changing.

If this fires you up, and you are getting a glimpse of how we can support the growth of your leaders, please call us to talk all things Deliberate Shift.


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