Deliberate Shift Leadership Foundations Program

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When we think of leadership or leading change, we often think of doing things differently. And while that is important, it is just as important to think of how we need to be differently.

How do I lead when I don’t know the answer? How do I get my teams to work across the silos that exist? How do I inspire others? How do I get others be more accountable and take on more responsibilities? How do I truly listen to others and what they have to say when I think I already know the answer? How can I see different perspectives and hold them as being true for that person when all I can see is my own perspective?

These are some of the questions we hear as we work with leaders in organizations. It does not matter whether they are new leaders or seasoned leaders. These are the questions that come up for everyone.

The thing about leading in these times is that we are leading in “white water”. The direction of the organization might be changing, the team we support might change, there will be shifts in economy, and this is also happening for our clients, partners and stakeholders. What worked before may no longer be working. The answer to better leadership isn’t to do more, it is to do differently. To do differently means we have to think differently and interact differently. It is all about self-awareness and the quality of our relationships with others. That is what this program focuses on.

Program Components
The Deliberate Shift Leadership Foundations Program is a three-month program. There is a 3-day in person session preceded by online assessments and followed by 3 months of coaching. This program has a dual focus, an opportunity to increase self-awareness and an opportunity to shift from telling others what to do to connecting with them to unleash their full potential.

Deliberate Shift Coaching Program
Coaching is about shifting from telling others what to do to connecting with them to unleash their full potential. Not easy to do when we have grown up in a world where we are told what to do and think that as leaders we need to tell others what to do and therefore need to know the answer before they do. Coaching turns this notion on its head and holds others capable of solving problems and getting to insight in ways that may not have even occurred to you. It requires listening “for” others and asking questions that invite thinking and are meant to help others discover new possibilities. We believe that mastering coaching skills is an essential skill for leaders to help others grow, see their own potential and be more confident, creative, and increase performance and innovation. (do we want to identify the grow/leads framework here .. and/or listening/questions/acknowledgment)

Deliberate Growth Map
It is important to create a map, a plan to get us to our destination. This process supports you in pausing to acknowledge where you are and provides an opportunity to identify your leadership destination. The second piece of the journey planning is how are you going to get there. This is where you will identify the barriers and obstacles that keep you from being or becoming what you desire to be as a leader. Identifying and understanding your personal barriers and creating answers and strategies to overcome them as a deliberate part of your growth plan will significantly support you as your set out to arrive at your destination. The focus isn’t only on what you may want to do differently, but you will also examine your beliefs, thinking patterns and habits and how they influence what you do differently

Deliberate Leadership Compass
What makes you a great leader? How do you articulate your gifts as a leader? How are your core values reflected in your leadership? What beliefs help or hinder your leadership? These are some of the questions we explore in this component of the program. Your Deliberate Leadership Compass is your uniqueness as a leader. It will include your vision, your values, your beliefs and your leadership strengths. Leaders who understand their core values, their beliefs and their strengths are so much more effective than leaders ”trying” to be something or someone they are not. Being deliberate about articulating your values, what you stand for and what matters most, provides a touchstone for you as you move through the complexity of your everyday.

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