Tammy Mclennan - Cofounder

Tammy Mclennan - Cofounder

Declare it. Live it. Courageously.

What quote comes to mind?

Joseph Campbell …”The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”.

How do you start your day?

It’s an early! I start at 5am with a ritual of hot water and lemon, 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of yoga.

Personal bumper sticker in 6 words or less

Declare it. Live it. Courageously.

What always brings a smile to your face?

Thinking of my boys. Owen and Ian are the gems of my life. All I have to do is picture them in their little yellow rubber boots running down the driveway to jump into the ‘pond’ (aka ‘ a pothole’) … I can hear them laughing right now!

How do you incorporate reflective practice in such a busy schedule?

I place a ton of value on reflective time. I live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and spend a lot of time walking in nature. I think better when I walk … even in the rain!

Traditional Bio

Tammy McLennan is a Certified Executive Coach, Senior Human Resources Professional and Organizational Health Specialist who delivers creative and strategic people programs to organizations committed to building a culture of learning and development.
As a facilitator, Tammy has an open and calming presence. Quick to build trust, Tammy uses humour to push participants beyond limiting beliefs and assumptions…and to hold them accountable. A keen strategist, Tammy helps participants examine situations from many different perspectives to find where opportunities lie.

Tammy has 20 years of experience as a senior Human Resources practitioner in the public and private sectors. She’s been in the trenches and knows how to implement authentic change within an organization. Tammy has the skills and tools to help organizations develop a people strategy that supports overall values, beliefs and vision. She makes it possible to turn something new into “just what we do”.

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